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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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her in some way or about her. >> carey got three yeses from the judges right after that performance and the band death cab for cutie send him a tweet after he used their song. >> a lot of great individually. >> should be a great final season. you can count on us to follow all of the local idol on their journey. >> and i don't want it to go, it's been so good so far. >> and that is a good thing. >> time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> oscar ray bolin has been executed. the official word came down less than an hour ago.
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his death brought back a lot of memories from 30 years ago. >> the most valuable things we have is our lives and he took that from those girls. >> even after his death, those who knew his victims say the fear he caused as never gone away. >> i think the glazers should bear the brunt of the responsibility. >> placing the blame for so many coaches in such a short time, what the turnovers mean for the bucs. >> it's official, nearly four hours of his scheduled execution, convicted killer oscar ray bolin has been cut to death. let's go straight to the prison where there is a news conference underway. >> -- local, state and national and any branch of government that participated in any way in bringing justice and closure to
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by "closure" i refer only to no longer have been to worry or wonder if or when we would have to endure another trial, another appeal or after 29-plus years we could expect any justice at all. unlike natalie holley who passed away, i will go to my grave knows i experienced closure in my daughter's murder. i also wish to thank the witnesses who teffed testified on our behalf, some who did so in fear for their life. i especially wish to think philip bolin who experienced the wrath and alienation by his own family for testifying against his own brother. god bless you philip for your courage in doing the right thing. our family and teri's friends are forever grateful. i hope and pray that you have
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build a decent and happy life for yourself. last, but by no means least, i wish to thank those who have shown support to our family over these many years, including those attending today's event beside me. as to my possibly forgiving oscar bolin for the deliberate and cruel murder of my daughter, it will never happen, as he never accepted responsibility for his heinous acts. as for rosalie bolin i feel much sympathy for her parents and the martinez family for the unimaginable years of pain and embarrassment she must have
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have her peace, we will miss you so, teri. some of your friends still regularly visit your grave and leave signs of remembrance. rest in peace my darling daughter. thank you all. >> that was the mother of one of oscar ray bolin's victims. that would be teri lynn matthews one of three victims that bolin was convicted of murdering and who eventually paid the ultimate prize. and let's go out to gloria. live outside the prison. as you probably know the execution was supposed to take place at 6:00 and then there was another last-minute appeal, this
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supreme court and we are told that clarence thomas took a lack look at the case and then i believe you said the entire court did and denied his appeal. >> that is true, gloria. it was nearly a four-hour delay. as you know the u.s. supreme court has no deadline. they did decide in five minutes, five hours or five days. and keep in mind, 20 witnesses left here to go to the prison about 4:30 and see this execution. we were all waiting to see what was going to happen next. jail and prison officials had no idea what was happening. clearly you just heard from one of the victims' family members waiting for justice, as they see it as closure for the family of teri lynn matthews and
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natalie holley did not get to see that, she passed away at 86 years old. i want to bring in my colleague lloyd sowers who actually witnesses the execution. lloyd, can you share with us, first of all, what was it like to be in there. >> we were separated from the families for hours and we were wondering was this going to happen, and we could only feel the frustration of the families, after all of these years, is it finally going to happen tonight and then as you heard, the supreme court exhausted motions and proceeded at about 10:05, the execution started with the injections, one, two, three, the sedative, the paralysis and the heart stopping. it took about 10 minutes for him to die. we watched his chest go up and
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then his complex changed from a flush to a very ashen complexion. as reported earlier when the guard says any last words? he simply said, "no, sir". we sat with the families in the death chamber. we did not see bolin look at any of them, and there were no smiles or laughter or tears, just a very solemn and silent observance, and the family members when it was over, got up and walked out, no tears, smiles, you just got the sense that it was over. >> and i just spoke a few
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attorney, he has two, and he witnesses the execution and i can share with you he wanted to be there because he said, quote, i wanted oscar to have a friendly face in there watching. he said that oscar looked at him and said -- mouthed the words "thank you" and he said also a spiritual advisor that oscar had been talking to the entire time was there as well. it was closure for a lot of families and we are going to toss it back to you. this has been an exhausting time for the families. we want to hear more reaction electric them, but obviously this is one day that nobody will forget. >> that is for sure, gloria, and just as it's taken place in the eyes of the families the mother said she can't forgive oscar ray bolin. because as she told you he went to his death proclaiming his
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the closer is no more trials or appeals. oscar ray bolin is dead. >> this is how it wraps up tonight, and of course the families will clearly have that closer that they've been looking for for nearly 30 years. i can't even imagine that. >> thank you for your coverage both of you tonight from the execution. and we want to thank them for this coverage tonight. >> our coverage does continue. bolin's execution is bringing back several of the same emotions that hundred-dollar emotions hung over here 30 years ago and that includes stephanie collins neighborhood in carrollwood. >> there are still a handful of neighbors who lived there in 1986 and they say a lot of the emotions that gripped them back then never fully went away. >> 30 years changed a lot in this carrollwood neighborhood.
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faces but never the fear created by oscar ray bolin when he kidnapped stephanie collins in 1986. >> i don't remember ever forgetting fear for my kids after that. >> stephanie was abducted from a shopping center less than a mile from her home, and her neighbor recalls realizing she was in the same parking lot when it happened. >> i think if i had been more something. >> my heart sunk because she was just 17 years old, still a baby. >> stephanie and the body of teri lynn matthews were found in the same area of the woods and . it was a period of time that monahan will never forget. >> you didn't know who was loose and we would pray for our kids.
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right here, she worked right here. >> on the day of the scheduled execution, monahan wonders whether the victim's families and communities will ever truly come to a close. >> they have missed their whole lives, everything they could have done with their lives. >> and another three decades may not erase the emotions, today may be hope. >> i'm going to hope that the families get some closure from it. i hope they do. >> mack back in november i sat down with stephanie's family and they have since moved away. the only thing her mother said she would like to know from bolin is why, but then she added she would probably not get an
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>> our coverage continues on you can head there to see the entire interview with bolin by gloria gomez, and also check out the background on the cases he was convicted on. >> well, lovie is out but who is in? this seems to be somewhat of a resolving door for coaches. and josh, it's sort of the same old song, just a new verse, huh? >> yes, cynthia. we are not quite the cleveland browns when it comes to switching head coaches but there are some who say we are catching up and that is certainly not an enviable position to be in. sorry, browns, fans but it's true. morris lasted three seasons and then greg schiano only two, and
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his record, 8-24, certainly not good enough in this win-now league. so who is to blame for all of the flame-outs? some point to the owners, the glazers. >> instability is a question mark and that is really all the glazers. because if you make smart hires you are not going to be looking for a coach every few years. they have jameis winston and pieces on offense and on defense, and a top-ten pick in the draft and lots of room for salary cap. this is an attractive job. >> so two big questions now. one, who is the next guy and can you heard about why this was a good job but will the next coach have to be worried about looking over his shoulder if things are not going well? the bucs say they want to move
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homework and be methodical and thorough. let's hope it goes a lot better than it has. >> not exactly a position for job security, is it? thanks so much. josh cascio. >> coming up a florida community is in did believe after disbelieve after a high school soccer star dropped said dropped dead in the middle of a game. >> and is it going to get told this week? >> first things first.
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>> new at 11:00, a volusia community remembering a high school soccer player who collapsed and died on the field. >> tiffany teasely's friends are remembering her smile. >> she had a beautiful smile. >> a memorial for 16-year-old soccer player rocio deleo. she collapsed during a soccer match and died. >> they were faced backwards and we seen her on the ground. it happened here. district officials say deloe who has asthma called herself out of the game when she began to have
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trouble breathing. >> he turned around to pay attention to the game and she fell off the bench unconscious. >> they began chest compressions and she was rushed to the hospital where they later died. >> she wanted to score, and so we would give her the ball and she would go for it. >> grief counselors were at the school for those who needed to talk. and they will be back there tomorrow as well, and the boys soccer team has canceled their match for tomorrow. >> and wildlife officials say that the manatees have rebounded and should no longer be listed on the endangered species list.
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it will likely upgrade manatees from endangered to threatened. that means they do not have a threat of extinction but that the protections do not go away. manatees have been on the list for 25 years. in 1991 populations were estimated at about 1200 and now officials say there are about 6300 in the state, an increase of 500%, 0%. the animals can be killed by extended cold, boat injuries and algae blooms but other measures help to protect them like reduced boat speeds and areas that are off limits to humans. >> the delisting will be to "threatened" and so there will be still be controls and
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other hand, it's good that they have increased their numbers. >> officials can take public comments before taking making a decision. >> it's going be a busy couple of weeks and the weather systems are zipping across the country from west to east. we had had sunshine and as soon as the sun came out, the clouds came racing at us from the west. mostly high to begin with but as the day moved along, they lowered and thickened. and that is a pretty cool time lapse, isn't it? and notice the rain. that was the harbinger of things to come. northern pinellas, palm harbor, clearwater, over to oldsmar.
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that heavy. they will move inland for a time tonight. all of hernando is dry. most of citrus is dry, but there is rain lurking to the west of you and the prime time for rain looks to be from midnight to about 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. the areas that will clear up first will be along our west coast because the rain is moving west to east, and even that should clear up by as late as midmorning. so a cold front out in the gulf. an area of low pressure and that zips by, and that area of low pressure could become a named subtropical storm as it moves east and southeast, and we may be using the first name of the hurricane list in january, and
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alex as it moving to the east and southeast. that is pretty much unheard of. right now we have 50's and 60's across the peninsula, and a dewpoint of 60, and the winds are calm. there will be changes on the way as the moisture slides our way from the west-southwest. another area of low pressure over texas. that will likely impact us on saturday, another round of rain, and a little break in the rain and snow in california now. there are already clouds of the next system upstream. that will be moving on shore in the next day of two. there is kind of a parade of pacific storm typical of el nio winters. and you typically get two jet streams: the subtropical jet along the southern states and the polar jet is up in canada and that is going to try to dive our way.
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lows, and another impulse on saturday, and another significant one towards the end of next week that could even bring with it the potential of severe weather. that is way out there but we'll watch it. mostly cloudy and we are in the low 60's overnight and then tomorrow with clouds breaking to allow sunshine the mercury bounces back to the mid 70's and once this system goes by tonight and tomorrow the stage is set for another early on saturday. the forecast for tonight? simply put a period of rain, and any rain ends early tomorrow and then cloudy. we are back in the mid 70's, and clouding up, however, with a bit more rain. sunday and beyond should be fairly chilly and i would not be shocked to see 30's and 40's for night time lows lows tuesday and
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>> getting into really january weather. >> well, it was a big night for president obama. he was pitching his gun points to the public. >> what he spelled out at the town hall meeting after the break. the new year means a house full of new devices. and that can slow your internet down. so you should get verizon fios - quick. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, for $79.99 a month online,
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>> we may be able to save a whole bunch of families from the grief that some of the people in this audience have had to go through. >> that, of course, was president obama speaking at a town hall meeting making the case for his executive actions on gun control. that aired tonight on cnn. >> after voicing his frustration for years he says now he is taking executive action to get things done under his watch. he pitched his plan to narrow the loopholes on background checks required for the purchase
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he says a system that won't inhibit gun sellers is needed. >> in tampa tonight, someone turned one old dime into almost 20 million dimes or $2 million. this is from 1894. and what make it is rare is that it was minted in san francisco. the anonymous owner sold it at auction for 1.9 million at the tampa convention center and here is why you may want to pay closer attention to the lose change at your house, there are 15 more of those dimes that have unaccounted for. >> could be in grandma's closet. one we had a rare coin that shows up in a showbox of a lady in virginia. >> check grandma's shoe box, and on one side, the left side, the
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of lady liberty with an 1894 date, and on the reverse size, it says one dime and look at the very bottom. that is a tiny s at the bottom, and ma that means it was minted in san francisco and that is what is usual but all other dimes that year were minted in philadelphia. and one company is offering $10,000 just to look at it, just to look at it and then you can decide whether or not to offer it up for auction. >> i'm going through my procts pocket the right now. >> the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers
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